About Us

EduFind - innovative education search engine platform and social network.


What is EduFind?

EduFind - innovative education search engine platform and social network. You will find here shools and courses all over the world, offline and online. One can choose any course or program he or she likes no matter where and begin the study. Our system suggests the best option of MBA, Tech, and Languages for a student, based on ratings and reviews.


Main things

Main concept is a simple userfriendly interface and only main things in one page. Flexible complex backend and mobile-first frontend platform. Any devices, any resolutions, any internet connection. Service ofers schools and courses:

• Language

• IT Education

• Business and MBA 


How does it work?

Schools have their own accounts with information about their courses, services, and location. Users leave their reviews and rating on courses and schools, in such a way making it easier for knowledge seekers to make a decision about an educational center.


Local, Global, and Online

It is not only education that is granted by a program. A course that takes place in another country will give a student an opportunity to travel and to learn new culture. It is especially important for Language courses. But if you are short of time or have no wish for journey, than EduFind can provide you with education in your location or online. No need to go a long distance – just study in the neighbourhood or at home. Certificates and Diplomas are also possible to achieve after an online course.


Smart search

Our focus is searching optimal places for education (schools and online-platforms) based on reviews and a student location and then - selection of appropriate courses based on student level and goals.


Our search engine deals with three main points:

— Search - Find schools, education programms, and courses local and abroad.

— Compare - Compare the best courses and discover students reviews.

— Learn - Education process planning and scheduling.


Also there is a number of questions EduFind takes into account while finding a course for you:

• What to learn?

• How to learn?

• Where to learn? 


Considering all this data, our engine provides our users with courses that meet their requirements.

This is why our students always find the best course for them.